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Anoos Al-Ebdaa for organizing exhibitions and conferences

A national company specialized in organizing events, exhibitions and conferences, and works on designing and implementing public relations programs and media services projects for organizations, planning and implementing advertising campaigns, in addition to designing corporate social responsibility programs with expert and specialized competencies

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ماتقدمه أنوس الابداع
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What does Enos Creativity offer? 

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Events, exhibitions and conferences

ANOS came as a platform and lever to serve all sectors in the field of organizing exhibitions, conferences and events for distinguished human expertise and high professional efficiency

الفعاليات و المعارض
إتصال و العلقات العامة

Communication and Public Relations

Effective communication management and the presence of clear strategies for public relations are two basic pillars of success systems and paths of achievement and excellence for any entity or organization. Therefore, ANOS has always been a house of expertise in providing its services to its clients. 

• Building a communication and public relations strategy
• Building a mental image and managing reputation.
Monitoring and analyzing the mental image in the media
• Planning and implementing media campaigns.
• Editing and Press Publishing
• Preparing press files.
• Editing of print and electronic publications.
• Launching new products.
• Organizing and managing press conferences
• Managing the new media communication networks.
• Establishment and supervision of public relations departments

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الدعاية والاعلان

publicity and announcement



الانتاج الفني
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Visual and photographic documentation

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artistic production


Our services

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