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who are we

Anoos Arabia Trading

The group was established in light of the directions of the National Vision 2030, which aims to diversify activities to serve the needs of the high-growth local market and to meet the opportunities available in foreign markets, which are looking forward to Saudi products and services with competitive quality specifications through our focus on 4 diverse axes:

  • Investing in social innovation

  • technical investment 

  • Consulting and institutional building

  • Exhibitions and conferences


From here was the launch of the Arab Anous Trading Group in planning its strategies towards diversifying its investments and its careful targeting of job opportunities that it can contribute to developing and achieving high growth results that ensure sustainability and contribute to creating solutions that guarantee a better quality of life for our customers 

Our story

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Excellence in creating and providing products and services that keep pace with the transformation in the markets and meet the requirements of the vision towards economic entities with international specifications with a national social return

the message


Pioneering investment in specialized sectors and activities  Keeping pace with the trends of the national vision

الرؤية و الرسالة
كلمة رئيس مجلس الإدارة
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Group Chairman's Speech

formed  The Corona crisis is a pivotal point in all sectors, especially the financial and business sector  need to  A great deal of wisdom and audacity to enter into a new investment and establish a comprehensive entity for all of our projects. This crisis has created a unique opportunity for us to meet with a distinguished partner and attract a unique, creative and entrepreneurial team. 
During this period, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed qualitative transformations and shifts at all levels according to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030
In an in-depth study of this inspiring vision, we were inspired by our orientations in Anoos Arabia and the sister companies that emerged under it, targeting the most important sectors that the vision adopts, especially in technology, entertainment, consulting and games, and our uniqueness in serving these sectors through social innovation and providing creative solutions to social problems whose benefit is reflected in a large group of society with High flexibility to invest in new areas according to the requirements of reality
And because we believe in participatory work and support entrepreneurs, we opened the door to investing in creative ideas and startups without the seed.

The challenges are great and the responsibility is collective because we live in a renewable and changing world governed by science, knowledge and innovation.

We are proud of Anoos Arabia for every idea or project we worked on. We are proud of our youth who are the mainstay and basis of success. We are proud of our customers who gave us the honor of the opportunity and chose Anoos Arabia as their partner.

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