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What distinguishes Karam Store

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Pioneering in providing sales and distribution services for vegetables and fruits with a high level of customer satisfaction that ensures confidence and continuity by providing products with higher quality and competitive price

the message


To be among the best national companies that provide services for the sale of fresh vegetables and fruits

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who are we

A Saudi national institution that is managed by a specialized team that is keen at all stages of work to be a keen eye for customers  In ensuring a lower price ceiling in the wholesale and retail markets and satisfies  Their needs are of the highest quality and lowest cost through a delivery system  With permanent supply chains directly from the central market for vegetables and fruits.

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متجات كرام الخاصة

Cram's Special Products


Employee Discount Program

A program specially designed for entities and establishments, as it keeps pace with the aspirations and needs of their employees for various offers and discounts.

Kram for wholesale

  • catering companies

  • Hotels

  • schools ......


Our services

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